Moon Girl: Coney Island Carnival of Death

Claire Lune is a super powered princess with a magical moon stone that makes her ten times stronger, faster and smarter than any mortal. Her own homeland was destroyed by war and so she uses her special gifts to protect New York from danger as Moon Girl; the masked crime-fighter.
And so begins Coney Island Carnival of Death, an astonishing adventure where Moon Girl faces the Buffoon, a former-engineer full of brilliant twisted gadgets. Written by Tony Trov & Johnny Zito and illustrated by Pablo Arias, this story is part of a new Moon Girl Anthology project, currently in production by South Fellini.

Trov and Zito are the masterminds behind the fantastic brand new version of Moon Girl. Previous adventures of Moon Girl are collected on a namesake graphic novel produced by South Fellini and published by Red 5 Comics (Atomic Robo); available on hard copy (Amazon, South Fellini) and digital version (ComicXology).
Now, in exclusive, the fantastic designs of Moon Girl and the Buffoon by Pablo Arias:

Moon Girl, Pablo Arias’ variation

The Buffoon, original design by Pablo Arias